Wiseman Single/Double Flute Case

This affordable Wiseman Single/Double Flute Case can hold a flute and piccolo or a flute and 2 flute headjoints. The hard tubular case is 3.25" in diameter and 17.5" in length and folds open along the length of the case. This case features a fully velvet-lined interior, with joints suspended and locked into place by rubber blocks, and an unbreakable velcro/leather strap closing system. Includes external leather accessory/tool bag that attaches to the case.

Description: Small, hard tubular case, folding open along its length. All joints are suspended and locked into place by rubber blocks. Fully velvet lined and featuring unbreakable velcro/leather strap closing system. Fits nearly all wooden piccolos and metal flutes.

Strength: Very strong - maximum protection from shock-absorbing rubber blocks, preventing relayed shock through the case that occurs with traditional wooden blocking. N.B. All joints are firmly held in place; they cannot rattle or rotate or fall out when the case is opened.

Weight - approximately 2 lbs (approx. 1 kg)

Size: 44.6 cm (17.5 ") x 8.3 cm (3.25") diameter

Shoulder Strap: Supplied with 1 x thick leather shoulder strap and non-slip leather shoulder pad. The shoulder pad is fixed into the buckle of the leather shoulder strap to stop the pad from sliding. This shoulder pad is also a storage area for flute swabs and small accessories.

Accessories supplied: 1 x padded non-slip leather shoulder pad; 1 x thick leather shoulder strap

Guarantee: Lifetime

External material: Leather

Internal Material: Supa-crushed Velvet (various) with Shock absorbing foam/rubber blocks.


Wiseman is now accepting special orders for cases. Contact us for more information.

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